February 27, 2015


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    Former Mesa Mayor Wayne Brown dies at age 76

    Welcome to Brown Evans Distributing Co.

    Brown Evans Distributing Co. is one of Arizona's leading Petroleum Marketers serving wholesale and commercial customers from three bulk petroleum facilities. Two are located in the Phoenix metropolitan area, in Mesa in the East Valley and in Glendale on the west side. The Casa Grande facility is centrally located to stage deliveries in Tucson and Southern Arizona, near Interstate 10 and Interstate 8. In addition to wholesale fuel, we offer a complete line of Chevron, Texaco and MaxPro lubricants.

    As part of the Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling Network, we also offer commercial fueling (cardlock) solutions through our many company owned fueling sites and a network of over 1400 commercial fueling sites throughout the US and Canada.

    Fueling Arizona since 1941

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